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Mike Taylor Dr. Mike Taylor of Utah State University got a spectacular video sequence of the reentry onboard the DC-8 aircraft using a Xybion intensified camera, from which this image is a partial frame. Photo: NASA/Utah State University. video mp4 (9.2 MB) | video mov (5.8 MB)
Murahashi Bryan Murahashi recorded these images from Redding, CA, using a Nikon D70 digital camera (with f = 400 mm lens, effective f = 600 mm, ISO = 800, at 1/200 s, and F/6.3).
Jeffrey D. Alfred Jeffrey D. Alfred obtained this 25-second time exposure. Stardust is seen as a white streak over Wendover Airfield on its way to Dugway Proving Ground. Contact the Deseret Morning News for use of this image.
Chris Detrick Chris Detrick/Salt Lake Tribune took this picture of the Stardust streaking along the sky. Contact Salt Lake Tribune for use of this image.
Chris Detrick Chris Detrick/Salt Lake Tribune. 2:58 a.m. Sunday morning, the Stardust Probe streaked across Wendover, Utah, as seen from the Wendover Air Field. Contact Salt Lake Tribune for use of this image.
Bill Keel Shortly before 04 UT on January 15, Bill Keel of the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa used the campus observatory's 0.4-meter telescope and CCD imaging system to detect the Stardust SRC when it was only 18th magnitude and 160,000 km away.
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