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portrait flag Jesse Carpenter,
NASA Ames Research Center

E-Mail: jcarpenter [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

Jesse Carpenter is a member of the NASA Ames Video and Graphics Branch (code JIT). He is an experienced cameraman, videographer, editor, and film maker.

Research on Leonid MAC:

Purpose of the Video and Graphics group is "to provide a full range of support services on site for all kinds of video needs here at the Center." Carpenter has provided video support during past Leonid MAC missions and the Genesis SRC Entry observing campaign. More information here.

Jesse Carpenter Field test during the Genesis SRC Entry observing campaign.

Research on Hyperseed MAC:

Carpenter performs High Definition TV imaging and slit-less spectroscopy in support of outreach and science. The High Definition TV imagers are used both for imaging and optical spectroscopy.