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portrait flag Mike Koop,
California Meteor Society

E-Mail: koopm [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

Mike Koop is an active amateur astronomer and President of the San Jose Astronomical Association.


Mike Koop has been involved in experiments at meteor triangulation in the Bay Area since 1994, in collaboration with Dr. Peter Jenniskens. He provides technical support and helps coordinate the observers in and near the San Francisco Bay Area when meteor observing campaigns are organised.

Research on Leonid MAC:

Technical support camera operation for imaging of meteors and low/resolution VIS/NIR spectroscopy. Coordination of amateur observations at ground locations.

Mike Koop Mike operates a telescopic optical slit-less spectrograph in an experiment with Jason Hatton during the Genesis SRC Entry observing campaign

Research on Hyperseed MAC:

Support of narrow band imaging and optical spectroscopy. Mike operated the Echelle spectrograph during the Stardust SRC entry observing campaign. Coordination of amateur observations. The SRC reentries are artificial bolides that will provide nice viewing from the ground in clear weather for large areas of Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon. The reentry may also be visible from Washington state and California.