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portrait flag Dominique Pautet,
Utah State University

E-Mail: dpautet [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

Dominique Pautet was born in France. He studied with Dr. Guy Moreels at the Observaoire de Besancon in France on image processing of all-sky near-infrared images. Upon completion, he accepted a position as Post Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Atmospheric & Space Science at Utah State University to work with Prof. Michael J. Taylor.


His primary research activities have focussed on state-of-the-art near-IR imaging cameras and digital analysis techniques. His expertise is in image enhancement and topography.

Research on Leonid MAC:

Dominique Pautet helped operate the InGaAs cameras for near-IR imaging of airglow during the Leonid meteor storms.

Results included the first near-IR spectra of meteors and the discovery that tiny bits of meteoric matter are ejected at high speed from the spinning meteoroids. More information here.

Research on Hyperseed MAC:

For the Hyperseed campaign, Pautet wil deploy the same cameras for studies of the near-IR emissions of the forebody radiation and wake.


Dominique Pautet, Guy Moreels. Optical tomographic imaging of dynamic features of dense-scattering media JOSA A, Vol. 18 Issue 12 Page 3018 (December 2001)

Dominique Pautet, Guy Moreels. Ground-Based Satellite-Type Images of the Upper-Atmosphere Emissive Layer. Applied Optics, 41, p. 823-831 (10 February 2002).