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portrait flag Jeremie Vaubaillon,
I.M.C.C.E., France

E-Mail: vaubaill [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

Jeremie Vaubaillon graduated at the newly founded institute I. M. C. C. E. of the Observatoire de Paris, Paris, France, on a computer modeling of the formation and evolution of meteoroid streams. He is also an active meteor observer. As a post-doc, he worked with Dr. Peter Jenniskens at the SETI Institute in the latter half of 2004 and continued his research at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Research on Leonid MAC:

Vaubaillon performed calculations to predict the time and peak activity of the Leonid storms.

Research on Hyperseed MAC:

During the Genesis SRC Entry observing campaign, Vaubaillon was trained in operating the miniature Echelle spectrograph in an experiment with Peter Jenniskens and Peter Gural.